Saturday, January 27, 2007

Welcome to the Free Wayne Webring Homepage

This is the homepage for the Free Wayne Webring. It was created to help develop and maintain internet awareness and to show solidarity regarding the case of Wayne Fincher.

For all the details regarding Mr. Fincher, please visit United States vs. Fincher.

The Free Wayne Webring Homepage is the entry point for the Free Wayne Webring. This site is not meant to keep updated information on the Fincher case. All posts here will be directly related to the maintenance and operation of the webring. In the future, expect to see posts regarding alternate codes, logo additions, and technical matters regarding the webring. Any comments left here should be restricted to participating in the webring. For comments regarding the Fincher case itself, please visit the site linked above or any of the other fine sites in the ring which have posts and news about US vs. Fincher.

If you wish to show your support for Mr. Wayne Fincher, please join the webring and display the proper code on your site. You can begin by clicking here: Join the Free Wayne Webring.

After joining, you will be given instructions on the proper code to place on your site. After I have checked to make sure it has been installed properly, your site will be activated and become part of the ring.

Please feel free to change the size of the table to fit your site, and change the background and text colors as necessary to properly display on your site. The only requirement is that all the links in the code are there.

On a personal note, this is the first time I have ever tried to maintain a webring, so expect a learning curve. Any advice, hints or tips will be appreciated. I will be adding further posts with information on various options regarding the code as time permits.

This post will remain at the top. For updates, scroll down.


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